Volunteer Survey

As the waters calm after the turbulence of the pandemic, we're aware that there are gaps in coverage for the work that God has given us. Some of those gaps needed addressing before the pandemic; others have developed because of it. Some have been covered by people stretching themselves thin; others have gone undone. And God has given us this unlikely assortment of people to be about his mission to abide as his children, to share the light of Christ, and to make disciples.
And God is calling you. You might not hear him, but he is calling.
There's at least two dangers in hearing a statement like that. First, we can leave the Spirit out of it and sign-up for the things we already like or are can do with ease on our own. Second, we can over-spiritualize it and say, "Well, I haven't heard any audible voices or seen any burning bushes, so God must not be calling me."  
Indicating interest and willingness on our Service Survey (or as your cheesy pastor has dubbed it, Serve-Ay!) is not a lifelong commitment, etched in granite; indicating interest is an invitation to ministry leaders to reach out to you and be in conversation with you about things like interest, expectations, ideas, availability, etc.
So here's what you should do: (A) Spend some time in prayer, asking God to guide you, open you, and prepare you for where he might need you to serve. (B) Don't skip A; really. (C) Fill out the survey remaining open to all the unlikely ways God might see fit to use you for his mission at Moore Memorial.  

Click Here for the Survey